Financial Markets

Undergrad Course, Wenlan School of Business, ZUEL, 2023

Lecture Notes

Lecture Slides 1

Lecture Slides 1 covers Part 1: Introduction in the textbook.

Lecture Slides 2

Python Code

Lecture Slides 2 covers Chapter 4: The Meaning of Interest Rates


Class Requirements

I. Homework (30%)

You will have 3-4 HW assignments throughout this semester.

HW can be done in groups but each of you need to turn in your own HW.

HW deadlines are HARD deadlines. If you do not have a good reason (e.g. medical emergency), I will deduct 10-50 points based on how late your HW is turned in.

II. Final Exam (70%)

I may curve your score based on the performance of the whole class.

Relax, I will not lower your score unless you are caught cheating in the exam.